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The Coastal Cat Clinic has a wonderful philosophy of customized care. They are not a one size fits all facility. They believe that each animal should have a plan for their healthcare in which comfort is at the top of the priority list. Please call them for the loving care you expect for your four-legged family members.

Coastal Cat Clinic
1290 Danmann Avenue
Pacifica, CA 94044 (650)735-3733
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Vicki Moore (00:04):
Hi Pacifica Locals. We’re with Tane’ at Coastal Cat Clinic – that’s a tongue twister – Pedro Point. So tell us a little bit about the clinic, if you would.

Tané Maire Brunker (00:14):
So Coastal Cat Clinic started about 2005. We are sister hospitals with Linda Mar veteran hospital down on Linda Mar Boulevard. So we were started as kind of an offshoot for cats only. It just makes it a little bit nicer for the cats because they don’t have to listen to dogs are a lot less stressed.

Vicki Moore (00:32):
It’s a, it’s the clinic a general practice. Are there certain things that you focus on?

Coastal Cat Clinic Services

Tané Maire Brunker (00:37):
Or, yeah, I mean, we’re general practice. So mostly you know, a lot of annual exams, things like that. We do have a lot of senior cats that we take care of. So we have like special packages that include blood work and things for them. Anything that’s more specialized, we will, we do refer out, but for the most part, we do just kind of general stuff.

Vicki Moore (01:00):
And do you have shot clinics or…?

Does your cat need to be vaccinated?

Tané Maire Brunker (01:04):
We actually don’t believe in vaccine clinics for cats because not every cat needs every vaccine. So we like to make a personalized plan for each cat’s lifestyle rather than just kind of throwing the book at them. So that’s one of the, yeah, one of the things, in fact, our tagline is customized care for your cat because we do really believe that each cat is an individual and doesn’t need the same thing as, you know, every single other cats.

So we are actually right now going through the process to become certified cat friendly which is a pretty big thing. So yeah, it basically is kind of a way of dealing with cats and keeping all their stress load. So just being a separate hospital already is a big step forward, but then we do a lot of differences with the way we handle pets.

Specially-Trained Staff

Tané Maire Brunker (01:51):
So we don’t just bring everybody to the scary back and, you know, manhandled them to get them to do so. There’s special training involved to get this special training. All of our staff will be trained on how low-stress handling techniques, so different ways to get what we need done without stressing out the cat. So a lot of times we’ll do like little towel scarves and different ways of holding them.

We also utilize pheromone sprays which really helps to calm the cats. I don’t know if you saw it in the lobby we have assigned with the feel away towels. Ever since we started that so many clients, they put them over the cats carriers and they’re like, oh my God, my cat always hates coming to the vet, but now, you know, so much calmer.

Tané Maire Brunker (02:30):
We do a lot of trying to do exams in the carrier whenever possible. Yeah. You just take the top off of the carrier. So very important to try to always have plastic carriers where you can take the top off, because again, they’re in their more environment, that’s something that they’re used to something from home, something that smells like them. So then they’re going to be way calmer. Yeah. And we’re going to be able to, so that’s a, that’s a big thing that we’re doing right now. We’re hoping to have the certification in the next couple of months, so

Vicki Moore (02:55):
Nice. So how do people reach you? How do they set up an appointment or call questions?

Getting in touch with Coastal Cat Clinic

Tané Maire Brunker (03:00):
You can give us a call 6 5 0 3 5 9 5 7 7 0. Also our website. You can go online, you can schedule appointments, you can email us through the website. The nice thing about the website with scheduling appointments is you can do it when we’re not here. Which, and I love being able to do that.

So it’s coastal cat clinic, You just do coastal cat It’s somewhere in the east coast. Yeah. Very important. You put the Pacifica in there. And then other than that, we’re on Facebook. So we’re on Facebook. Yeah. cat. I think it is. Or coastal cat clinic. If you search coastal cat clinic passivity, you’ll find us.

Vicki Moore (03:38):
Thank you for taking the time to time. That’s appreciate it. So if you have needs for your kitty, if you need general care or just some advice on how to take care of your cat, give Pacifica Coastal Cat Clinic a call.

Tane’ Maire Brunker
Thank you so much.

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