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Vicki Moore Speaks with Jeanette Cool CEO of the Sam Mazza Foundation

Take a tour of Pacifica’s famous landmark, Sam’s Castle

The castle, built in 1908, boasts a long colorful history. Come and take a guided room-by-room historical tour led by Bridget Oates, the author of the Sam’s Castle book.

The 1.5 hour event includes light refreshments and time to revel in the whimsy of this museum-like seaside treasure.

Castle Music Salons

The Castle Music Salons are a fantastic opportunity to see the Castle like it was during Sam’s parties, with friends, music, food and wine.

Enjoy the spectacular sounds of musicians like Adrian Jost and Pablo Estigarribia who play a masterful piano and bandoneon Argentine Tango on a stage within arms reach among antiques and art from days long past.

Walk onto the balcony and see the panoramic view of Pacifica’s city lights below and the sun sinking into the ocean.

Sam Mazza

To learn the true intriguing story of the castle, from the beginning to date, Bridget Oates has written a wonderful book detailing the owners and tenants, their stories and the surprising truth.

“With romance, elegant parties, and dashing, uniformed gentlemen, this charming castle story is almost what one might expect. But add in dramatic police raids and rumors of bodies buried in the garden, and it becomes the very unique tale of Sam’s Castle. Built in 1908 as a haven for the earthquake-rattled Henry Harrison McCloskey (grandfather of former congressman Pete McCloskey), the castle served as a home, speakeasy, rum-runner signaling station, abortion clinic, and U.S. Coast Guard lookout during World War II. Despite its turbulent history, however, this castle story has a happy ending. In the care of the Sam Mazza Foundation, the magnificent estate will remain a treasured Pacifica landmark for all to enjoy.”

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