Best Real Estate Articles December 2022

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Best Real Estate Articles December 2022 includes info from professional realtors: Paul Sian, Bill Gassett, Madison Mortgage Guys, Sharon Paxson, and Kevin Vitali.

Tips For Selling A Home In A Buyer’s Market

The real estate market has moved into one that is more favorable for home buyers. It’s a benefit that they haven’t seen in years. Paul Sian, with Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate, provides home sellers with the best Tips for Selling a Home in a Buyer’s Market. It might be difficult to keep ahead of a changing market. Even subtle changes can make a difference in the strategy used to market and sell your property. With Paul’s tips, you’ll learn how to get your list price right, which is crucial in every market. It’s even more important in a buyer’s market. Other advice includes preparing your home for five-star showings. If your house isn’t five-star the first time around, you aren’t going to get a second showing or an offer. There’s much more so be sure to check out the article.

Termination of Real Estate Contracts By Buyers and Sellers Explained

A fluctuating real estate market can cause consumers – and even some realtors – frustration and confusion. Terminating a real estate contract is a more common occurrence in today’s market. After all of the hurdles, home buyers were relieved to win out over multiple offers. They weren’t then going to terminate the contract. There was a ton of pressure to submit offers with little or no contingencies, higher-than-usual down payments, and of course, extraordinary prices. Bill Gassett has been a nationally recognized real estate expert for over 36 years. His office is located in Metrowest MA.

Common Contingencies in Real Estate

Another change in the second half of this year is that contingencies are, once again, a common part of purchase agreements. Home buyers took on extra uncertainty and risk in an effort to get their offers accepted.  Many were reluctant but willing to submit offers with limited or no contingencies. These are used to protect buyers. Because they give homebuyers an easy out of their contract, sellers are more likely to accept an offer without them. Luke Skar with Madison Mortgage Guys has written a thorough must-read article regarding the eight common contingencies. He not only describes these stipulations in-depth, he also explains when and why you might consider using – or not using – contingencies. There are reasons for both. It’s about the strategy and the strength of a buyer’s offer. If you’ll be jumping into the market, you definitely want to familiarize yourself with this old-is-new-again tool.

8 Easy Steps to Staging Your Home for Maximum Appeal

Home sellers will need to make more of an effort to prepare their homes for sale in this new market. Newport Beach real estate expert Sharon Paxson shares all the most important tips to stage a home. It will help you to get the most money possible. Buyers’ expectations are high and so is their disappointment. If they weren’t priced out of the market by escalating home values, recent massive increases in interest rates have been the final blow to many dreams of homeownership. As a home seller, your job will be to entice those anxious buyers to your property. Having a reasonable price, a home in good condition, and staging that knocks them out should be high priorities.

8 Home Selling Tips for Winter

Each season has its own benefits for home buyers and home sellers. Depending on your goals, focusing on one over another may give you more options. The holidays and weather have the biggest impact on the slowing during the winter season. If your timing requires you to sell during the winter, you’ll want to consider Kevin’s winter home-selling tips. Essex and Northern Middlesex Counties, MA realtor Kevin Vitali, makes several excellent points about why selling in the winter could be a great benefit to you. Especially, if you live in a corporate relocation hub.  Selling your home in the winter will be easier if you read Kevin’s article before you get started.

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