Vicki Moore, a native of Pacifica, CA, embodies the spirit of the coast in all she does.

“The spirit of the coast” encapsulates the unique lifestyle, values, and appreciation for natural beauty that comes with living on the coast of California. It encompasses a deep connection to the local community, the ocean, rugged landscapes, and temperate climate that define this region.

Living on the coast means a more relaxed lifestyle. We’re always grateful for the feel of the gentle caress of salty sea breezes, and witnessing breathtaking sunsets over the Pacific horizon. It’s about strolls along sandy beaches, exploring tide pools teeming with life, and enjoying the local vibe.

The Coast encourages a laid-back yet vibrant community, where the pace of life is influenced by the rhythm of the tides. It fosters a culture of outdoor adventure, from surfing to hiking coastal trails, and a commitment to environmental stewardship.

For Vicki, the spirit of the coast infuses her work as a realtor. She understands not only the physical attributes of the homes she sells but also the intangible allure of coastal living. Her passion for the coast goes beyond property; it’s about sharing the magic of this environment with others, helping them find not just a house, but a true coastal home.

A proud alumna of Terra Nova High School, Vicki’s roots run deep in her hometown. With a passion for connecting people with their dream homes, she transitioned seamlessly from a successful career as a court reporter to becoming a trusted realtor in 1998. Her keen attention to detail and exceptional communication skills, honed during her years in the courtroom, now serve her clients in the competitive world of real estate.

Vicki’s extensive knowledge of the local market, coupled with her warm and approachable demeanor, has earned her a sterling reputation among colleagues and clients alike. She believes in building relationships, not just transactions, and takes pride in helping families find the perfect place to call home. With over two decades of experience, Vicki continues to be a beacon of integrity and expertise in the real estate industry.

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