Sam’s Castle Pacifica, CA: A Historical and Mysterious Landmark

Title: Sam’s Castle A Historical and Mysterious Landmark Image: the front of the castle
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Sam’s Castle in Pacifica, CA is a fascinating historical landmark with a rich and varied past. This iconic structure, once known as “McCloskey Castle,” has served multiple purposes over the decades. It has been home to an array of intriguing characters. The distinctive architecture, storied history, and reputed hauntings make it a captivating subject of interest for historians, ghost hunters, and tourists alike.

Mazza Castle: Origins and Construction

Sam’s Castle was built of reinforced concrete in 1908 by Henry Harrison McCloskey, a prominent San Francisco lawyer. The castle was commissioned at the insistence of his wife in response to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The massive shaker left many residents seeking safer, more stable residences away from the city. McCloskey, inspired by the fortresses of Europe, chose a design that combined Gothic and Romanesque elements. Those choices resulted in the castle’s unique and imposing appearance.

Its hilltop location in Pacifica CA not only provided a strategic vantage point but also offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, adding to its allure.

Early Castle Residents and Uses

Initially, the castle served as a private residence for McCloskey and his family. After McCloskey’s death, the castle changed hands several times and was repurposed for various uses. However, its function evolved over time, reflecting the changing social and economic landscape of the region.

Pacifica: Bootleg Country

During Prohibition in the 1920s, Pacifica was home to several smuggling operations. McCloskey’s reportedly operated as a speakeasy, capitalizing on its secluded location. It was the host of clandestine parties and served illegal alcohol.

This period added an air of mystery and intrigue to the castle’s history, with rumors of hidden passages and secret rooms where illicit activities took place.

In the 1940s, the castle took on a new role as a brothel.  And less commonly known, an abortion clinic. This phase of its history is shrouded in secrecy and scandal, contributing further to its reputation as a site of dubious activities. The castle’s architecture, with its many nooks and crannies, provided an ideal setting for such operations, making it a well-known but covert destination.

During World War II, the Coast Guard took up residency at McCloskey’s using it as a barracks. Unfortunately, the site was significantly damaged by its human and K-9 in habitants. Sam Mazza had his work cut out for him at the time of his purchase in 1959.

Sam Mazza: A Colorful Owner

The castle’s most famous owner, and the one after whom it is now named, was Sam Mazza. Sam was born in 1915 in Chicago to Italian immigrant parents. His family later moved to San Francisco, where he developed an early interest in the arts. He transformed the castle into a hub of cultural and social activity.

Sam Mazza’s and Sons Construction

His professional career, initially, was grounded in the more practical field of carpentry and construction. Mazza founded his own company. That organization flourished under his leadership, allowing him to accumulate significant wealth. His success in the construction business enabled him to pursue his artistic interests.  He focused on the restoration of theaters which put his construction background and interest in art to good use.

Theater Restoration

Mazza was renowned for his efforts in refurbishing theaters back to their original glory. His construction company took on several restoration projects, revitalizing historic theaters that had fallen into disrepair. That work may have been the catalyst for his interest in purchasing and rehabbing the castle. Mazza’s commitment to preserving cultural heritage extended beyond his personal interests and had a lasting impact. His work ensured that these historic venues could once again serve as centers for the arts, contributing to the cultural vibrancy of the area.

Purchasing and Furnishing the Castle

Continuing his passion for intricate refinishing, Mazza saw the castle’s potential as a grand residence and a cultural venue. He bought the property and embarked on an extensive renovation project. His vision for the castle was not just as a home but as a space that celebrated art and culture.

Mazza’s eclectic taste is evident in the way he furnished the castle. He traveled extensively, collecting art, antiques, and curiosities from around the world. Each piece in his collection reflected his diverse interests and appreciation for different cultures. The castle’s interior became a showcase of these treasures. Rooms are filled with period furniture, ornate decorations, and unique artifacts. Some obtained through his theater connections.

Mazza Castle Masterpiece

Despite owning and lovingly restoring Sam’s Castle, Mazza never actually lived there. Instead, he used the castle primarily for entertaining. He hosted lavish parties, theatrical performances, and musical events, turning the castle into a lively and vibrant center of creativity. His gatherings became well-known, drawing artists, musicians, and society figures. Those events cemented the castle’s reputation as a cultural landmark.

Hauntings and Legends

Sam’s Castle is reputed to be one of the most haunted locations in Northern California. Over the years, numerous ghost stories and paranormal occurrences have been reported. These tales contribute to the castle’s mystique and draw a significant number of curious tourists and paranormal enthusiasts.

One of the most commonly reported apparitions is that of a woman dressed in a Victorian-era gown, believed to be the spirit of a former resident. Visitors have described seeing her wandering the halls, especially in the evenings. Her presence adds to the eerie atmosphere of the castle. Other reports include unexplained noises, such as footsteps and whispers.  Sudden drops in temperature have been reported, which are typical signs of paranormal activity.

The castle’s storied past, with its phases as a speakeasy and brothel, lends itself to a rich tapestry of ghostly legends. It’s said that some of the spirits lingering in the castle are those of individuals who met untimely or tragic ends within its walls. Whether these stories are rooted in truth or are simply products of the castle’s colorful history, they continue to captivate the imaginations of those who visit.

Current Use and Tours

Guided tours of Sam’s Castle offer visitors a chance to explore its rich history, architectural features, and artistic collections. These tours provide a comprehensive overview of the castle’s past, including its construction, various owners, and the many roles it has played over the years. Special tours delve into the more mysterious aspects of the castle, including the ghost stories and paranormal phenomena associated with it.

In addition to regular tours, the castle hosts a variety of events, such as art exhibitions, musical performances, and educational programs. These events continue Sam Mazza’s legacy of promoting the arts and fostering a sense of community. The castle’s unique ambiance makes it an ideal venue for such activities, offering a blend of historical intrigue and cultural enrichment.

The Sam Mazza Foundation

Today, Sam’s Castle is managed by the Sam Mazza Foundation.  After many years as a private property, the foundation’s efforts have been instrumental in preserving the castle and making it accessible to a wider audience.

Longtime friend of Sam Mazza and foundation CEO, Jeanette Cool, continues the foundation’s mission to support the arts, education, and historic preservation, reflecting Mazza’s lifelong passions. The foundation provides grants to various cultural and educational organizations, ensuring that Sam’s legacy of philanthropy and support for the arts continues.

In managing the castle, the foundation balances the need for preservation with the desire to make the castle a vibrant and accessible cultural venue. That stewardship has been essential in maintaining the castle’s structural integrity and historical authenticity while opening it up to the public in meaningful ways.


Sam’s Castle in Pacifica, CA, stands as a testament to the region’s rich and varied history. From its origins as a private residence designed to withstand earthquakes to its colorful past as a speakeasy and brothel, the castle has seen many incarnations. Under the ownership of Sam Mazza, it became a hub of cultural activity, a legacy that continues today through the efforts of the Sam Mazza Foundation.

The castle’s haunted reputation adds an element of mystery and allure, drawing visitors intrigued by its ghostly legends and historical significance. Through tours and events, the foundation ensures that Sam’s Castle remains a vibrant part of the community, celebrating both its storied past and its ongoing contribution to the arts and education.

In preserving and sharing the history of Sam’s Castle, the Sam Mazza Foundation not only honors the memory of its most famous owner but also enriches the cultural landscape of Pacifica. That attention ensure that this unique landmark continues to inspire and captivate all who visit.

For Tours and More Information

Sam Mazza Foundation
900 Mirador Terrace
Pacifica, CA 94044

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Image credit: David Chamberlain

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With romance, elegant parties, and dashing, uniformed gentlemen, this charming castle story is almost what one might expect. But add in dramatic police raids and rumors of bodies buried in the garden, and it becomes the very unique tale of Sam’s Castle. Built in 1908 as a haven for the earthquake-rattled Henry Harrison McCloskey (grandfather of former congressman Pete McCloskey), the castle served as a home, speakeasy, rum-runner signaling station, abortion clinic, and U.S. Coast Guard lookout during World War II. Despite its turbulent history, however, this castle story has a happy ending. In the care of the Sam Mazza Foundation, the magnificent estate will remain a treasured Pacifica landmark for all to enjoy.

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