Great Real Estate Articles May 2021

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The year is halfway gone and the real estate market in the US has demonstrated resilience. Contrary to what was expected, the demand for houses hasn’t slowed. Many people are looking to buy houses given that some sense of normalcy is returning since Covid-19 first hit the world.

This month’s roundup covers a variety of topics for real estate investors, buyers, and sellers. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

Essential Questions When Buying a House

Practical considerations can easily be ignored if you are only driven by emotions when buying a house. This doesn’t just affect first-time homebuyers but also seasoned pros.

In his article, 9 KILLER Questions To Ask When Buying a House – Home Buying Info, Kevin Vitali highlights the major things to keep in mind when purchasing a house. Not only will this ensure the property you choose fits your needs but also the cost is within your budget. You don’t want to put your life savings on a house that isn’t anywhere close to what you wanted.

Rent-to-Own Agreements

Renting-to-own agreements are a saving grace for homebuyers who don’t have a good credit score to qualify for a mortgage. However, these agreements are not as simple as the normal renting process. You need to understand the process and the risks involved to determine whether it is the right fit for you. In this article by Bill Gassett, Rent to Own: What You Need to Know About Renting to Own, he takes us through the process and how different it is from the traditional process of buying a home. Understanding the rent-to-own process before committing is essential to making an informed decision.

To Fix or Not To?

Everything does need to be in order by the time you are listing a property. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune getting the house ready for listing. You ought to budget for moving costs as well as buying/renting a new place if you are selling your primary residence.

But how do you determine what to fix and what not to? Luke Skar covers this comprehensively in his article, What to Fix When Selling a House. One of the best things to take from this according to Luke is, “Consider if you would be happy to buy a home in this current condition.” Looking at it from the buyer’s perspective will help you pinpoint the key problems that need to be fixed.

Real Estate Bidding War Cheatsheet

Bidding wars are unavoidable in a sellers’ market where there are too many buyers competing for the same property. But how do you make sure you don’t lose your dream home because your offer was outbid?

Paul Sian gives great Tips For Winning A Real Estate Bidding War! With these insights, you have all you need to make a hard-to-refuse offer. Bidding wars aren’t science hence there aren’t formulas that can be used to guarantee a win. However, there are some things you can do to sweeten the deal enough for the seller to pick you.

Real estate markets are never the same. Not only do they differ from one city to the next but also in different neighborhoods. A good understanding of the prevailing conditions in the local market is essential when finding your dream home. Hire a buyer’s agent to help you with that.

In her article Should I Hire a Buyer’s Agent? – Lakeland Real Estate, Petra takes us through the main reasons why hiring a buyer’s agent is crucial. Remember, it isn’t just about hiring a buyer’s agent but rather finding one who understands the intricacies of the real estate market in the town or neighborhood you are interested in.

Getting the Best out of a Vacation Home

Vacation properties are some of the best investments. They do not just give great returns but they are also a place you can retreat to when you need some “me time.”

Like any investor who owns a vacation property will tell you, it isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. You need the knowledge on how to judge a good investment from a bad one. In her article, Buying a Vacation Home? Steps to Make Sure You are Getting a Good Investment, Eileen Anderson explains how to ensure your vacation home is a good investment. The more you know about the expenses and drawbacks involved, the better prepared you will be to deal with whatever is thrown your way. Vacation homes are a great option if you want a long-term investment but only if the returns are greater than the expenses.

Kitchen Renovation Design Hacks

Whether you are renovating your kitchen to increase the property value or to prepare for a sale you need to have a vision in mind. The kitchen is more than a place where meals are prepared or families sit to share meals. An aesthetically pleasing kitchen pulls people in to spend quality time. It can be to do homework, have intimate discussions, congregate during family gatherings or parties, or even as the perfect space when working from home. A lot of major life decisions have also been made in the kitchen hence the need to create the proper atmosphere to bring that to life.

Kitchen renovations don’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars. In her article, Renovating Your Kitchen | 7 Essential Design Hacks, Sharon Paxson highlights budget kitchen renovation design hacks that are easy to implement.

Beachfront Condo Decor Ideas

Beach Condos tend to have an unequivocal appeal. Maybe it is their airiness, fun colors, or charming nautical and coastal elements. However, there is only so much the coastal ambiance can contribute to uplifting the energy in your beachfront condo. Unless you step up and decorate, it will remain a plain and simple-looking space. You shouldn’t settle for this when there are so many options to get the lively and breezy seaside vibe.

With these tips from Danny Margagliano’s article, How should you decorate the beachfront condo?, you can inject personality into the property and make use of coastal-inspired accessories to transform it into the ideal summer vacation getaway. There are so many ideas to choose from. You will definitely find something that meets your needs and preferences for your beachfront condo decoration ideas.


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