Pacifica Resource Center: Nurturing Our Community

Title: Pacifica Resource Center. Nurturing Our Community. Image Pacifica Resource Center exterior wall with their logo and California poppies.
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Nestled in the heart of Pacifica, the Pacifica Resource Center (PRC) stands as a beacon of support for families and individuals facing various challenges. From housing assistance to food programs, financial education to medical support, PRC is dedicated to fostering resilience and well-being. Learn more in this insightful overview of the services they provide and the impact they make on our community.

Meeting Basic Needs: Grocery Programs

PRC addresses the fundamental need for nourishment through an array of grocery programs. From Tuesday Groceries to Family Harvest, they strive to ensure that no Pacifican goes hungry.

Despite an average household income exceeding $100,000, the high cost of living in the region underscores the ongoing struggle many families face.

PRC’s commitment to food security is evident in their diverse and accessible grocery programs.


Financial Support: Rent, Mortgage, and Utility Assistance

Recognizing the financial challenges residents encounter, PRC offers vital support for rent, mortgage, and utility payments.

With various programs designed to prevent homelessness, PRC stands as a lifeline for those facing economic hardships in the high-cost housing market of San Mateo County.

Their multifaceted approach includes emergency financial assistance and financial coaching to empower families towards economic security.

Family and Education Support: Babies, School-Aged Kids, and Back-to-School Programs

PRC extends its reach to families with children, addressing the unique challenges of child-related expenses.

From Baby Basics to K-12 back-to-school and summer programs, they alleviate the financial burden on families, recognizing the high costs associated with raising children.

Backpacks, school supplies, and even assistance with baby formula and diapers contribute to a holistic approach in supporting Pacifica’s families.

Empowering Through Knowledge: Tax Season and Money-Management Assistance

In alignment with their commitment to economic well-being, PRC offers free tax services during tax season.

Their certified tax preparers assist residents, ensuring they benefit from available credits.

Beyond tax preparation, PRC provides information on savings programs and financial coaching, empowering individuals to manage and save their money effectively.


Holiday Joy and Seasonal Assistance

During the holidays, PRC transforms challenging times into moments of joy.

From Thanksgiving assistance to the Holiday Joy Gift Program, they make sure families experience the warmth of the season.

Safeway gift cards, groceries, and personalized gifts create a festive atmosphere, showcasing PRC’s dedication to spreading joy in the community.


Addressing Housing Challenges: Shelter, Housing Vouchers, and Support Services

Pacifica’s high housing costs are met with PRC’s unwavering commitment to addressing homelessness.

Their comprehensive approach includes exploring housing options, coordinating entry into housing programs, and providing essential support services.

The Pacifica Safe Parking Program exemplifies their dedication to helping unhoused individuals regain stability.

“Pacifica Safe Parking Program (PSPP) – PSPP began on June 29th 2022. This program provides a permit for a period of 29 days to any unhoused person living in an eligible oversized vehicle (OSV). Permits are only assigned for the 13 dedicated PSPP spots and are required to be renewed on the day of expiration. The goal of PSPP is to develop a plan and support participants towards returning to permanent housing.”


Transportation and Medical Assistance: Car Repairs, Bus Tickets, and Veterinary Clinic

Understanding the importance of accessibility, PRC provides transportation assistance, covering bus tickets, taxi vouchers, and even car repairs.

Their commitment extends to medical care, with a dedicated nurse for general check-ups and a Veterinary Clinic offering physical check-ups and vaccines for pets.


Community Engagement and Donation Recommendations

PRC actively engages with the Pacifica community, fostering inclusivity, and providing opportunities for support.

While they don’t have space for clothing donations, PRC recommends other local organizations, such as PARCA, CORA, Family Cross Roads Family Shelter, and St. Vincent De Paul, where community members can contribute.


Mission, Vision, and Values

PRC’s mission revolves around supporting the resilience and well-being of Pacifica’s families and individuals.

Their vision envisions a community where every person lives with dignity and has the opportunity to thrive.

Guided by values such as food security, respect, equity, compassion, and hope, PRC embodies a people-centered, compassionate, and hopeful approach to community service.


Impact and Achievements


PRC’s impact on the Pacifica community is evident in their yearly accomplishments.

Serving one in eight Pacifica families with critical services, such as food, housing support, and financial assistance, underscores their essential role. The leveraging of $1 from the City to generate $31 in community support showcases the multiplier effect of their efforts.


Upcoming Events and Collaborations

PRC’s commitment to ongoing community support is reflected in their collaboration with local entities.

Whether addressing affordable child care or assisting CalFresh recipients after power outages, PRC stays actively engaged in addressing evolving community needs.




In conclusion, the Pacifica Resource Center emerges as a cornerstone of support, enriching the lives of Pacifica’s residents. Through a diverse range of programs and unwavering dedication to their mission and values, PRC stands as a testament to the resilience and strength of community bonds. As they continue to evolve and respond to emerging needs, PRC remains a vital force in creating a thriving and compassionate Pacifica.



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