The Power of Professional Photography in Real Estate Marketing

image of the visitor look-out sight at Devil's Slide Trail, CA. article title: The Power of Professional Photography in Real Estate Marketing
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If you’ve browsed homes online, unprofessional agent-taken photos can repel buyers. Bright, professional images are crucial for attracting the right homebuyers. Learn why studies emphasize the impact of professional photography in real estate marketing. Elevate your home’s presentation and stand out in the market. Maximize returns with expertly captured images that speak to your property’s unique appeal.

There’s actually a Facebook page devoted to bad photos. The Really Bad MLS Photos page is full of bad examples of real estate photography. They show bad staging (or no staging). Strange spaces, outdated decor, taxidermy (which will really turns off some home buyers). Upside-down or blurry photos, and dirty or messy homes.

Photos are your first introduction to buyers all over the world. They’re not going to call for an appointment if the photos look like they were taken by a six-year-old.

As a matter of fact, that’s not your job. Professional photography is part of any quality listing agent’s pitch for listing your home. It’s crucial to be sure that you’re going to get that kind of service for the best possible marketing of your home.

Studies Prove It

It’s not just a guess that professional photos in real estate marketing make all the difference in the marketing of your home. There are statistics and studies that prove it.

  • Studies show that most home buyers looking at online listings won’t look at a home in person if the listing lacks or has bad photos.
  • If the listing does include photos, homebuyers decide within twenty seconds whether or not they like the property. We’re all visual people. That’s why we stage properties and advise sellers to focus on visual upgrades when preparing their house for sale.
  • Ocular studies have found that the photo of the home is  always the first thing viewed. They’ve got their search criteria dialed into the website. Homes that fit their price, bedroom and bathroom category are sent automatically. So they’re going to go straight for the photos.

Get more online views

Another study found that listings with photos taken by a professional are viewed 61 percent more than those taken by an amateur. People are not only going to stop and look at the photos done by a professional, they’re going to linger. They’re also more likely to review the listing specifics. If they like the images, they’ll move on to the details of the home.

Better yet, homes with professional real estate photography can sell for up to about $19,000 more than homes photographed by a novice.

Your home is a commodity that needs to stand out from the competition. For this reason, professional photography in real estate marketing is one of the easiest ways to rise above the other homes for sale.

Professional photos “speak” to buyers

Professional real estate photographers know where to place the camera and to focus on the best attributes. They have special equipment like lights, tripods and lenses to make the most of every space.

Professionally shot photos create inspiration and curiosity to see more. Actually, photos will show not only the space but they offer a perspective of the lifestyle of the home.

If you’re going to go through all the trouble of decluttering, cleaning, painting, packing, etc, wouldn’t you want the photos to display all that hard work? The quality of the photos shows the commitment, knowledge and quality of the listing agent to other agents.

The bottom line is, we understand that to be effective in selling homes, we can’t possibly wear all the hats in our real estate practice. We know and hire the best vendors we can find. And we want only the best for our clients. We aren’t willing to compromise on quality when it comes to your home’s presentation. That’s also why we insist on your participation in doing all you can to make your house shine. We know what will and what won’t make all the difference in getting you the most money possible. Finally, it’s a team effort. You and your realtor.

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