Great Real Estate Articles January 2022

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Every new year brings with it a renewed sense of hope. And the beginning of 2022 isn’t any different. Even though it is too early to tell what the new year has in store as far as real estate markets go, we can hope for the best. Also, it is impossible to predict the future with certainty. But we can use past and current trends to speculate what’s likely to happen. There is a high possibility that interest rates will rise. However, the bad/good news dynamics have to be maintained which means growth of income is expected as well. Currently, however, more inventory is still up for grabs and even though buyers have more options it remains a sellers’ market. Here are great articles for January 2022.

Great Real Estate Articles: Peak selling time

People are always buying and selling property throughout the year, but some seasons record higher sales turnover than others. For sellers, knowledge of the peak selling season is paramount. You can prep the home for listing in good time to take advantage of the increased demand during the peak season. Not only does this mean a shorter turnaround time but also higher sale value. Paul Sian has written an excellent article on the best time to sell a house in Cincinnati as well as other regions. He goes further to give tips on how to ensure your home is sold during this period. Even better, there are several peak selling periods in some regions. Even if you are not sure of the peak selling months in your region you can never go wrong with a spring sale. It is the peak season for most real estate markets.

Great Real Estate Articles: Ice damming; what can you do?

Warm sunny days have their charm but snow-covered grounds in winter seem to make everything else look better and brighter. However, winter has its downside too and in real estate, ice dams take the medal. Depending on how much it snows in your region, this may be nothing more than a minor annoyance. HSignificant ice dams cause major structural damage to properties. From water stains on your walls and ceilings to water penetration, they can leave you counting major losses. Ice dams can damage the roof as well. There are various ways to prevent ice damming as Kevin Vitali explains. He gives a comprehensive account of the main factors that cause ice dams on the roof as well as tips on how to remove ice dams. Prevention will maintain the integrity of your property and save you a lot of money.

Great Real Estate Articles: Condos vs townhouses – what’s the difference?

Condos and townhouses are some of the best budget-friendly options for most first time buyers. But what features would make one property a condo and the next a townhouse? The definitions aren’t just confusing to the average person but to some real estate agents as well. Bill Gasset has explained the differences between a condo and a townhouse touching on the distinct aspects in terms of architectural styles as well as insurance. Additionally, the responsibilities a condo owner has are different from what is expected of a townhouse owner. Bill also lists the pros and cons of each option. With such a comprehensive breakdown it is easy to make an informed decision based on your situation as well as preferences.

Great Real Estate Articles: Cybercrime in real estate

High-value transactions happen daily in the real estate field. That’s why it is highly targeted by cybercriminals. Due to the lack of a clear legislature on real estate cybersecurity laws, investors, sellers, and buyers alike are left vulnerable. Understanding cybercrime in real estate, how it happens, and what to do to avoid falling into the entrapments of these criminals goes a long way in helping you stay vigilant. Vicki Moore has written an excellent article on cybercrime in real estate, which everyone in the real estate field will find quite resourceful.  

Great Real Estate Articles: Should you invest in Self-storage

You don’t have to buy a property to become a real estate investor. Various options cater to investors with different needs. Self-storage is a great alternative for cash-strapped investors as well as people who don’t have much time to spend on property management. Renting out self-storage units isn’t just attractive because it requires less capital but also because it can be done purely online. You can automate the bookings and payments. In such a case, you will be able to manage the business effortlessly while going on with your daily activity. Even if you have to bring in extra help it can’t be more than 2 people. Danny Margagliano has written a detailed article on the benefits of investing in self-storage as well as how to get started. You can start with as many storage units as you see fit and scale over time.

Great Real Estate Articles: What features do buyers want in a house?

As much as it is still a seller’s market, it doesn’t mean buyers are rushing to pay top dollar for an average house. Sellers have to offer value for the amount they are asking for. This isn’t difficult to achieve if you know what buyers want and take measures to offer just that. Sharon Paxson explains the important features many buyers want when searching for a home. Buyers can overlook certain shortcomings as long as you have upgraded the home to include the features they consider essential. Not only does this guarantee a faster sale but also the highest price you can ever get.

Great Real Estate Articles: Renting vs buying

Home prices have remained high since the pandemic started with the demand for bigger homes going up, especially in the suburbs. Nevertheless, not everyone was rushing to buy a home because a significant number of people lost their source of income. As much as the government tried to intervene, many people were forced to sell and go back to renting or move to smaller houses. Now that things are just starting to look up economically, many people are battling with the decision of whether to buy or rent in 2022. This isn’t a question with a simple answer. It comes down to your personal situation and circumstances. Also, you’ll have to take into account your goals and financial stability. Chris Highland has written an excellent article on renting vs buying in 2022. He touches on the affordability of homes, interest rates on mortgages, and essential things to consider before buying or renting a house.  

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