Real Estate Roundup July 2021

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We’re watching a shifting market in action. Home sellers have received the benefit of skyrocketing home prices for over a decade. Now it’s the buyers’ turn.

What is a Buyer’s Market in Real Estate

Bill Gassett, RE/MAX Executive Realty is one of the most prolific and well-known real estate bloggers in the nation.  He maintains a no-nonsense stock of articles that inform and educate. Every topic imaginable is represented.

What is a Buyer’s Market in Real Estate is timely.  The shifting market has changed dramatically in some areas. The real estate market has been favoring home sellers for years.

Bill provides the definition of a buyer’s market.  In addition, he describes the causes of it.  Dramatic Increases in Mortgage Interest Rates, Inflation Skyrockets, among others, are causes.  Furthermore, he advises that all factors are not necessary to push a market into buyer-favorable territory.

Equally important, he describes the signs to watch out for.  Additionally, there are plenty of tips to help you find your way in these new times.

Luke Skar writes for Madison Mortgage Guys.  They represent clients in four states.  Luke’s comprehensive articles cover a wide variety of topics.  They’re all centered around the real estate transaction.  They aim to take the mystery out of mortgage financing.

The question Luke answers for July is:

Open House vs Private Showing –
which is Better for a Home Seller

First, a description of the open house.  Then the answer to the question of whether or not an open house is necessary.  Who is the open house actually designed to help?

What are Private Showings?

Is it preferable to have prospective buyers guided through the property?  Or is it better to have the door opened for all to enter?

Luke shares the pros and cons of each the private showing and the open house.  The in-depth nature of Luke’s articles always provides the reader with plenty of information.  Consequently, making important decisions is much easier.

Subscribe to Madison Mortgage Guys’ blog!  As a matter of fact, stay in touch for your future mortgage needs.  Not to mention being in the know on everything related to home financing.

Paul Sian shares tips on how to keep your home cooler in the summer.  Saving money these days is harder than ever. You’ll be ahead of those utility bills by reading Paul’s six tips.

Appraisal Contingency: 8 Important Facts You Should Know

We’re in a shifting market these days.  One that uses a lot of terms that may not be familiar to you. Sharon Paxon, Newport Beach Realtor, explains one that hasn’t been used much for a while.

Sharon shares eight important tips about the appraisal contingency.  It’s an in-depth article that’s informative for both home buyers and sellers.  The article explains what an appraisal is and what it means to have that contingency in your purchase agreement. And that’s just the beginning.

Home Buyers: How to Navigate A Market with Higher Mortgage Rates

The Highlands at the Frederick Real Estate team has excellent tips on higher mortgage rates.  They’re putting the current mortgage rates in perspective during this shifting market.  You may not remember when mortgages were about the same rate as credit cards.  Can you imagine that?!

Home buyers have been waiting for years for this opportunity.  They’ve hoped the market would decline. The wished-for lower prices. They were tired of fighting over a house with multiple offers.

And now, they wait.  If that’s you reading this article will really help you come to terms with where the market is right now.

We’re staying on topic with the next post.

10 signs of a shifting market from a Sellers to a Buyers market

Now you know the market is shifting over to favor buyers.  But what are the signs? Could you have seen it coming? Connor MacEvilly with My Seattle Home Search is sharing information that takes many people years to figure out. That’s the benefit of working with an experienced realtor.

Take a look at Connor’s list to see which signs have already started in your market.  You might be able to predict what’s coming next!

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