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It is still a home seller’s market with residential and commercial properties selling in record time. Buyers are trying everything to get their offers accepted with many homes selling above the original price. But we have been seeing a slow-down in the past four weeks. Is a buyer’s market drawing near? As we wait for what comes next, here are some of the best real estate articles for the month of September with a wealth of information and advice for both buyers and home sellers.

Selling your House at profit in a downward market

A downward market is a home seller’s nightmare in any business sector. Having to sell your property in such a market means getting less unless you know how to beat the odds. However, it is usually a temporary phase, and if it isn’t an emergency you could consider waiting for the market to stabilize. For those who can’t afford to wait, Danny explains the different ways you can sell your home at a profit in a downward market in this article, Selling Your House In A Downward Market: 6 Tips That Can Help You. You will have to work harder to market the property and find ways to justify the price. Keep an open mind and change strategies if you aren’t getting the results you want. Just don’t give up!

Essential tips when buying land

Brick-and-mortar structures aren’t your only option when investing in real estate. Buying land is the most basic investment option in this field. You have the freedom to decide what to do with it without being limited by dozens of rules as is the case with already developed structures. However, not just any piece of land is a good investment. You need to understand the main factors to keep in mind when buying land as Bill Gasset explains. Working with a realtor is advisable since he/she will go above and beyond to ensure you get the right piece of land based on your needs.

A legal approach to surveillance during home showings

You no longer need guards posted at your gate to be notified of visitors or intruders. Home surveillance technology has evolved to become not just better but also inexpensive. However, it isn’t just about security at times but also information. It is quite easy to listen to potential buyer’s conversations during home viewing thanks to hidden cameras, nanny cams, or spy cameras. These could also help prevent theft since you can’t follow all the buyers in open houses. Nonetheless, just because it can be done doesn’t mean you should.

The rules that apply for video surveillance are generally different from audio recordings. There are variations of surveillance rules from one state to another. Understanding what’s illegal in your state is essential to avoid violating any laws. Kevin Vitali explains the do’s and don’ts of video and audio surveillance during home showings in the article, Can I Use Hidden Cameras To Spy On My Home Buyers During Showings.

Home maintenance tips for new homeowners

You are never alone during the home-buying process. Once the deal is closed and you officially become the new owner you’ll have to learn how to be self-reliant. Being a homeowner comes with new responsibilities. One of them is maintaining the property in stellar condition. Taking care of your property means always being prepared for future repairs and spending money on repairs and replacements in a planned way instead of surprises and emergencies. There are several maintenance tasks new homeowners should do and as Luke Skar notes, proper home maintenance will keep the property in great condition for a long time.

Luxurious living on a budget

Creating a luxury lifestyle doesn’t always mean splurging on home decor or furniture. There are inexpensive ways to create a luxurious home on a budget. A fresh coat of paint, decluttering, and cleaning the space can tremendously uplift its outlook. Being in a serene and luxurious environment isn’t just good for the mind and soul but also your productivity. It’s especially important for anyone working from home. But how do I create my dream luxurious home on a budget? You may wonder! Sharon Paxson has wonderful tips in her article, 8 fundamental ways to complete your luxury lifestyle.

Writing multiple offers – is it legal?

To watch someone else get the house of your dreams is painful, especially if you think you have done everything right. Some buyers, frustrated by rejection after rejection, resort to desperate methods to get their offers accepted. One of these is putting simultaneous offers on different homes. However, this not only has legal repercussions but can also make it even harder for you to find a home. Therefore, before sending those multiple offers you should understand the dangers of writing multiple offers at the same time as Petra Norris explains. There are better ways to go about this that won’t land you in a lawsuit or even cost you a good home because you waited for too long.

Destroyers of a good foundation

A house is as good as its foundation and once that’s compromised it will eventually encourage other issues because of its breakdown. However, even a good foundation can go bad. But what can cause a home’s foundation or structure to be bad? Several factors can lead to that as Paul Sian writes. Protecting the foundation and the other components of the home from anything that can compromise its integrity is crucial.

Selling your home while in forbearance

Forbearance is a silver lining for people who have been hit by a sudden financial crisis and are unable to make monthly mortgage payments. But what if you don’t get back on your feet as soon as you thought and the forbearance period is almost over? Selling the property can be your way out without losing too much. But can you sell your home in forbearance? Vicki Moore explains the logistics of selling a property while in forbearance as well as the pros and cons of doing this.

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